Have you played team sports? It’s not too late to start!

Young Hispanic baseball team and coach raising gloves for motivational high-five before game starts.

I started Manzella Marketing over 30 years ago, which should give you an idea of how long I’ve been around. But when I’m on a softball field, playing in about 50 games a year, I feel like I’m still a kid.  I did the math recently, and I think I’ve played in over 1,250 softball games… Read more »

Getting back on track when you can’t seem to focus

Hacks from a mom and productive procrastinator “Either you run the day, or the day runs you.” That’s a quote from author/entrepreneur Jim Rohn, but that’s not where it originated for me.  As a new mom, I too, get to be a kid again. So where did I get that insightful piece of advice? From… Read more »

Manzella Mug Shot

People’s coffee mugs can tell a lot about their personalities. Whether the main function is to hold large amounts of coffee or just to look pretty on our desks, mugs can leave subtle hints about our coworkers. Some mugs show that their value to us isn’t always tied to cost. A  favorite might be one… Read more »

Becoming a bringer


Whether you’re trying to eat healthier, spend less on food, or are just sick of getting panicked around noon at work every day when you realize you don’t know what you are doing for lunch, there are many reasons to get into the habit of packing. Eating out for lunch costs on average $10 a… Read more »