Our digital team has been hard at work taking the necessary steps to complete the requirements to achieve “Partner” status in the Google Partners Program.

What is the Google Partners Program?

Google Partners is a marketing program for advertising agencies or third-parties that manage Google Ads accounts for clients. The program was started in 2013, providing Partners with the tools, resources, and support necessary to help advertisers grow and succeed.

In February 2022, Google is launching new Google Partners program requirements. Manzella Marketing has already completed these new requirements, and we’ve added our updated badge to our website to showcase this achievement.

What are the requirements?

To become a Partner, there are three requirements you must complete with all the campaigns in your company’s Google Ads account:

  1. Performance: meet the 70% optimization score threshold
  2. Spend: meet the spend requirement of at least $10,000
  3. Certifications: 50% of the account strategists have certifications in Google Search, Display, and Video ads

What does this mean for our clients?

Achieving Google Partner status doesn’t affect how we create Google campaigns – that will all stay the same. But you’ll have the confidence of knowing that you’re working with experienced strategists who are recognized by Google as having the latest Google Ads product knowledge and the expertise needed to build and optimize successful, results-oriented campaigns.

To learn more about the benefits of working with a Google Partner like Manzella, click here.