Everyone’s a character at Manzella Marketing

One of my favorite things about working at Manzella Marketing is the unique blend of personalities. It’s as if everyone could play a character on a TV show.

With that in mind, when we were given the opportunity to take over the AAF Buffalo Instagram story for 24 hours, it was a no-brainer to spoof the The Office. After all, we had our own cast of characters and the show does have a tendency to reflect our reality. The material was easy to come by­­­­­­––we just drew from the every day––with a little exaggeration, for dramatic effect, of course.

For our takeover, we came up with a three-part mini series, which included an intro video.

Intro – Our Office

To introduce our takeover, we let our audience in on the fact that we did indeed draw inspiration from The Office. (And yes, that’s a real AAF trophy in the clip. You’re looking at the 2017 Jingle Bowl champions, folks.)

Episode 1 – Timesheets

Love ‘em or hate them, when it comes to agency life, timesheets are a necessity. It’s how we account for our days and know how much time we’ve invested in any given project. In reality, not everybody is very timely in submitting his or her timesheet.

Episode 2 – The Art of Client Service

In real life, Bob is all deadlines and deliverables, but he’s a good sport too. In this episode, Bob lets us poke fun at him as he stresses the importance of the lightning response.

Episode 3 – The Efficient Account Executive

A wise woman (me) once said, “Our account executives and creative team is like a mullet—business in the front, party in the back––and comes together to make something weirdly wonderful.” Karlie is an Account Executive who is always on her A game, so for the final episode, it was fun to have her play a character quite opposite of herself. And as Karlie always says, she “crushed it.”

We had a blast putting these together and we hope you enjoyed it too!

A special shout out to Eric Tuberdyke, visual communications manager, for shooting, editing and much of the scripting.

Thanks AAF Buffalo for giving us such a fun platform for a day!

For business inquires regarding Ziva Routledge, office cat, please contact her momager Karlie directly at karlier@staging.manzella.flywheelsites.com.