Brands and TikTok’s overnight viral influencers

A Tale of Two Brands Going Viral on TikTok Two brands went viral on TikTok recently, but it didn’t happen the way you might expect. It wasn’t the result of marketing meetings, campaign planning, rounds of changes and approvals. It happened because average people were propelled into the spotlight simply by making good content. One… Read more »

Manzella Marketing’s AAF Buffalo Instagram Story Takeover

Everyone’s a character at Manzella Marketing One of my favorite things about working at Manzella Marketing is the unique blend of personalities. It’s as if everyone could play a character on a TV show. With that in mind, when we were given the opportunity to take over the AAF Buffalo Instagram story for 24 hours,… Read more »

The Most Popular Toys of Holidays Past and Present

Do you remember your favorite holiday present from childhood? The center of many playdates, mine was hands down the Fisher-Price Dream Dollhouse. Others may recall taking their Star Wars figurines along on family car rides, caring for their Cabbage Patch, or the nostalgic startup sound of their first Nintendo. What is it about certain toys… Read more »