How gritty are you?

When I was growing up, I was constantly given words of advice from those around me. Though many of these I shouldn’t repeat, there were a few messages that forever stuck with me.  In life and business, I was told to “stay hungry”. At home, where my father was a very well respected surgeon, I… Read more »

What impression does your website make?

With Google right at your fingertips, you can access information in seconds. Need information about a particular business? Easy. Just pop in the business’ name or a related keyword phrase. Click on a website and within seconds, you’re forming your first impression. When you think about your own business, what first impression is your website… Read more »

How Taylor Swift Turned a PR Nightmare into the Ultimate Re-Brand

Taylor Swift Music Video - Manzella Marketing Buffalo, NY

They don’t call her the queen for nothing. Taylor Swift. The queen of country turned queen of pop turned… snake? In case you missed it, let’s start with a little recap. The beginning of the end of Swift’s Reputation all stemmed from her now 10-year old feud with the infamous (or maybe I should say… Read more »

Sitting down with Sesha

sesha workshop - Manzella Marketing Buffalo, NY

  Manzella Marketing has a new, friendly face in the office, but she’s not a new employee. Sesha Yalamanchili is an entrepreneur that runs her business, On The Mark Consulting, out of an office space she’s renting here at Manzella. While she technically doesn’t work for the agency, Sesha has certainly become a valued guest… Read more »