Eric Tuberdyke - Manzella Marketing Buffalo, NY

Eric Tuberdyke

Visual Media Manager

Eric joined Manzella Marketing in early 2015 as Senior Interactive Designer & Developer, later advancing to Visual Communications Director. He has enjoyed the better part of 25 years working with clients and brands such as Fisher-Price/Mattel and Nickelodeon, as well as a multitude of corporate and small business enterprises. His experience and talents span a wide variety of digital and print applications, with a focus on branding, video production and photography.

Eric and his wife, Kelly, have four children and one granddaughter. Nestled in a small town south of Buffalo, he serves his community as an interior Firefighter,  Vice President of the Springville Fire Department and Captain of Engine 1. He is also an EMT and serves on the Erie County Fire Advisory Board. His favorite moments are time with his family, working on various art projects, motorcycling, meditating, good grub, and music.