The MMG Digital Wolf Pack Grows by 3

8 March, 2016 / 0 Comments / Blogs
Eric, Bryan and Jill

Eric, Bryan and Jill

We’re growing, especially in our digital department. Meet the fresh faces of MMG.

Eric Tuberdyke, Senior Interactive Designer and Developer
Eric (never short on black coffee) designs and develops all things digital.

Tell us something we’d be surprised to know about you.
For years, I toured all over the US/Europe/UK/Japan/etc. with my band, The Pavers. The Pavers includes members from the punk band, ALL (Scott Reynolds) and has a bunch of records out with guest musicians, such as Stephen Egerton and Bill Stevenson from Descendents and Greg Ginn from Black Flag. Currently, I’m playing solo as Lucky Lonesome and the Lonesome and Blue Spirits.

What’s the biggest misconception about digital marketing?
There are several, but I’d suggest that many still consider digital marketing to be a small piece of an overall strategy, when in reality, it’s become a more effective channel for reaching prospects than ever before. The percentage of folks using mobile devices for communication, news and commerce, seems to require more consideration, on a daily basis.

Favorite thing about MMG?
The good folks I work with. I’m lucky to be surrounded by so many intelligent, kind and humorous humans.

Bryan Free, Interactive Designer and Developer
Bryan designs and develops websites for our clients. He’s also a talented cartoonist and will be launching his own comic strip site. (Keep an eye on this guy.)

What career advice would you give to someone trying to break into the field?
Take advantage of all the free education online, even if it’s just to supplement your current education.

Favorite local lunch spot?

Preferred social network?

Digital is changing all the time—how do you stay up to date?
Reading articles, keeping an eye on what my peers are doing.

Jillian Ahrens, SEO & Digital Content Coordinator
Jill, the newest member of our team, is an SEO pro and web designer.

What’s your favorite creative outlet outside of work?
Cooking, sketching, and taking pictures of interesting things I see on my travels.

Favorite local lunch spot?
Lloyd Taco Truck, always.

Digital is changing all the time—how do you stay up to date?
For web design, I check out websites dedicated to the latest and greatest in web design. That makes it really easy to get inspired. For SEO, I like to visit the Moz blog.

Favorite thing about MMG?
Everyone here is truly invested in the success of our clients and producing the highest quality work.