New Location. New Look. New Logo.

31 May, 2016 / 0 Comments / Blogs
An initial sketch of the logo by Steve Ketterer, Senior Art Director

An initial sketch of the logo by Steve Ketterer, Senior Art Director

It’s been a big year for us at Manzella Marketing. We recently moved to a larger space that not only accommodates our growing team—it’s an environment fitting for creativity and collaboration.

With the move came an updated brand that highlights Manzella Marketing’s growth and our passion to consistently come through for our clients, delivering creative ideas and great results.

The brand update included a redesign of the Manzella Marketing logo. Based on group brainstorming sessions, Senior Art Director Steve Ketterer created a fresh new look for our logo and explained the process start to finish.

How did this particular logo design come about?
The visual rationale employed in designing the new Manzella logo stemmed from ideas spoken of in the initial rebrand brainstorm meeting. The team discussed our brand promise and kicked around phrases like “thinking outside the box,” “coming through for our clients” and “exceeding expectations.” We were trying to think of what we do in terms of the satisfied client’s perspective but with an allegorical twist.

Does the brainstorm meeting play an important role in logo design?
Absolutely. All of these phrases pertain to the high level of quality that our clients experience when they hire us for a project. These words ultimately become important criteria for the new brand mark, as it needs to help communicate our brand philosophy. And, by utilizing all members of the agency in this process, you get a bevy of ideas for concepts—everyone has a part in the creativity.

How do you incorporate the spoken ideas into a working logo?
That’s the challenging part! Our entire graphics team was involved in the development process to bring as many creative ideas to the table as possible. From the beginning, there’s a lot of sketching and reworking the sketches. Personally, I like to work out how the icon visually functions first before I think about colors and fonts. A mentor told me years ago, “If the idea works in black and white first, it’ll work in color.” Once we’ve settled on a few ideas that we feel are strong enough, we execute them digitally, and then we present them to the team.

Is getting feedback from a room full of people difficult to deal with?
Not at all. Off-the-cuff opinions are important because they replicate the various reactions that the general public will have when they see the design for the first time. You only get one chance at a first impression! Every aspect of the design sends a message, and you really have to be in full control of what you want to say to the viewer.

Explain some of the details of this particular design and how they were related to the feedback.
Based on the initial team brainstorming, we developed a new brand promise and creative framework that guided our efforts. Jim Manzella, the owner of our company, expressed an interest in showing the letter “M” in a way that exudes “positive results” and “growth.” To this end, I developed a suggestive “M” letterform that resembles the bars on a graph, symbolizing growth and success. The hand-drawn look of the box surrounding the icon reflects the personal way we approach every client relationship.

What about fonts and colors?
Shandra Holt, our creative director wanted a strong Sans Serif font that was easy to read in lighter weights while having a modern feel. We looked at many font families, but kept coming back to Gotham. We like its clean, open shapes and friendly, yet strong presence. We employed the more stylized Fira Sans for the word “Marketing” as a contrast to the straight-up Gotham. The color palette evolved from a combination of colors we used when I created brand illustrations for our web site last year. They were a big hit visually, and we agreed that the colors would serve as a bridge to our new brand palette. Later in the process, we came across a vibrant 3275 Green that would become our signature hue. And, we liked it so much, that we used it as an accent color in our new office.

So, what’s next?
Now that we’ve got our new logo and creative framework for the brand, we begin the task of applying it across all media—signage, letterhead, business cards, as well as digital elements—website, email and social media creative. It’s kind of like planting new flowers and watching them bloom. It’s really been quite a spring here at Manzella Marketing!