As a young businesswoman with hobbies galore, multi-tasking is in my nature. I find that listening to business podcasts are an entertaining way to broaden my knowledge and feed my entrepreneurial spirit, all while carrying out my daily routine.

In a particular podcast episode I was listening to recently, I was prompted to imagine myself as a retired millionaire—with no motive of money or status—and then envision how I would spend my time. This exercise was designed to reveal what is ultimately most fulfilling to you and show that incorporating it into your life would lead to a more satisfying and rewarding life. 

When I imagined how I would spend my time, two things came to mind—painting and giving back to the less fortunate. So this exercise immediately made sense, as these two activities provide extreme happiness to me. 

Ever since I was a young girl, art was my escape. I find that, in that moment where it’s me and my materials, it feels as if time stops, and I’m in my own world. It’s a liberating experience with no limits and allows me the ability to express myself, in a way that words never could. 

My family could tell I was zealous about art after I showed signs of a classic temperamental artist at just the age of three. It was then that I painted my very first self-portrait during a preschool activity. My father, thinking he was funny, drew a mustache on my painting to match his, and to this day I still remember the fury I felt and the grudge I held that lasted for days. As the years have gone on, my style has shifted from mustached portraits to more vibrant, abstract work. 

Painting by Cara Mia Creations

In December 2018, I was able to combine my two passions of art and helping the less fortunate by creating one-of-a kind paintings, which I sell and donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity that fights against childhood cancer. I came to call it Cara Mia Creations, and it was at this point that I felt my art moved past satisfying myself to providing a benefit to others, since I was “Creating for a Cause”. 

At Manzella Marketing, I’m proud to be part of an environment that values giving back to others. Not only has Manzella Marketing been involved in supporting various local and national charities, but a number of my coworkers also embrace the importance of helping others. For example, Scott, our Vice President and Director of Business Development & Digital Marketing, volunteers to serve on the board for the Daily Bread Food Truck—a nonprofit food truck that donates a meal every time one is purchased. In addition, he donates his time delivering meals to those in need. Another coworker that embodies what it means to be a selfless person is Gabe, our Digital Specialist, who volunteers to coach and coordinate tournaments for Special Olympics Basketball. These are just two examples of the efforts put forth by our team. 

Regardless of where your passion lies, I encourage you to make time for it. As life gets complicated, it’s easy for the things we most enjoy to get buried in the background, or completely forgotten. Don’t lose sight of what makes you you and what fulfills you. Embrace your passion!

The Daily Bread Food Truck

Gabe (featured right), at the Special Olympics basketball tournament