Every Monday morning, our agency sits down for a status meeting. Over the summer, one of our interns, Cara Manzella, suggested that we start the meeting with an inspirational or educational video to jump start our week.

It started off with some hesitancy, since everyone would be asked to present one they had researched and found meaningful to them. However, after a few weeks the mood changed from skeptical to anxiously excited. People began volunteering to share the next video, and those who were not on deck to present that week, were eager to learn more about their co-workers through the videos being shown.

We have been motivated by TedTalks, inspired by Olympic triumphs, and energized by a military leader telling us why it is important to make your bed first thing in the morning, to name a few.

Here are some recent examples for you to enjoy. I bet you a cup of coffee that you can’t click off of them once you start.