Conax Technologies

Paradigm shift

Conax Technologies is a designer and manufacturer of compression seal fittings, temperature sensors, and cable and harness assemblies for a wide range of industries and applications worldwide.

While Conax was widely known for providing off-the-shelf products, their ability to develop customized solutions for challenging applications wasn’t as broadly recognized. They were widely perceived as a company that provided a commodity rather than innovative, leading-edge ideas that solve their customers’ toughest challenges and problems.

Manzella Marketing was engaged to bring about a paradigm shift in brand thinking—both externally and internally—and marching orders were issued: “take Conax Technologies’ brand and marketing where we can’t take it ourselves”.

After conducting research among customers and key team members to understand existing and aspirational perceptions, Manzella revamped the Conax brand to shine a spotlight on the company’s engineering expertise and the innovative ideas that have consistently helped their customers succeed.