Buffalo Bills aren’t the only team on fire this season

Who has more fun than Buffalo?

2020 was certainly a year to talk about. With most events being canceled due to COVID-19, one glimpse of normalcy is that the NFL continues to play on. The team that everyone is talking about is our very own Buffalo Bills. Ending the regular season with a 13-3 record, the team won the AFC East… Read more »

Irish Classical Theatre Company Goes Virtual

In August 2020, Manzella Marketing partnered with Irish Classical Theatre Company (ICTC) to bring their first ever digital streaming performance to the screens of thousands of theatregoers around the world! Irish Classical Theatre Company is known for its intimate setting at the Andrews Theatre in the vibrant theatre district of Buffalo, NY. And with Manzella… Read more »

Will millennials spend 27 years with one employer?

Last month I celebrated (yes, celebrated!) my 27th year at Manzella Marketing. At the time I started, I was pregnant with my second child, who now has his MBA and has been working for nearly a year at his first “real job.” The work anniversary made me wonder if my two millennial sons and the… Read more »