I’d Walk a Mile for a Camel!

Trolling through an antique store a while back (yes, in person), I came across an old Collier’s magazine that was published about a month before I was born. So I picked it up, just out of curiosity, to see what was going on in April of 1956—11 short years after the end of WWII. After… Read more »

How content management makes for a successful acting performance

Authenticity is king. So how does acting = content management? I’m a trained stage actor who’s been in over 20 productions. I’m also a writer who’s been putting pen to paper and keystroke to screen for over 30 years. Are the two related? You bet. Critical to the success of both an actor or a… Read more »

Lights… Camera… LEAN!


These are exciting times for our client Viking Plastics in Corry, PA. Expansion, mergers, new products… but that’s not why we made the 2-hour trek from Buffalo. At Viking Plastics, each day is packed with exciting new ideas about how to make their operation more efficient with time and money-saving improvements. Best of all, these… Read more »