Pumpkin Spice—Trick or Treat?

Smell that? The scent of fall incarnate, the fragrance that encapsulates clear blue sky against trees masquerading as fireworks. This, the playful aroma of wondrous family memories, spooky decorations and tricks or treats is none other than the pumpkin spice latte (or however you drink your pumpkin spice). This drink has become the gateway beverage… Read more »

Did you happen to see Al Capone at The Wake?


Irish Classical Theatre Company (ICTC), the Connemara Marble of Buffalo NY, is a lovely, softly lit theatre-in-the-round. The theatre hosts wonderful vintage and contemporary plays, during our exciting local theatre season. The comfortable seating around the stage provides a delightful view of the actors, who are merely feet away, and offers a truly intimate and… Read more »