Jim Manzella

Jim Manzella

President & CEO

Jim Manzella is a 32-year marketing vet who first learned the direct marketing business at HSBC. There, he quickly rose to the ranks of VP, Direct Marketing, honing his direct mail skills back when letters were coming off word processors. Focusing on direct was a great career decision, because this experience helped springboard Jim and Manzella Marketing to successfully manage over 7,000 marketing campaigns—many of which include direct mail.

Jim is surrounded by a talented, knowledgeable staff who have successfully propelled the agency into a wide variety of traditional and digital communications. Jim doesn’t claim to be smart… he simply knows how to find the best talent and squeeze every bit of knowledge out of them. In his spare time, you’ll find him beating himself up in the gym, on a softball field, bike trail, volleyball court or golf course. Safe to say, he’s not a fan of sitting on his behind!

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