greg blarr senior copywriter and account manager at manzella marketing group in buffalo, ny

Greg Blarr

Senior Copywriter/Account Manager

Greg’s been serving with Jim Manzella for the better part of three decades, since their salad days at Marine Midland Bank (that’s “HSBC” for those of you born after 1990, who will also have to look up the phrase “salad days”).  He’s been here at Manzella Marketing since ‘aught three.

Despite a finance degree and over 30 years in the financial industry as a platform rep, marketing AVP, account guy and writer, he only has about $17 in his pocket. In his spare time, he wishes for more spare time.  Greg is a stage actor and professional voice actor, best known as the voice of Santa Claus for various ornaments, toys, gadgets and books in Hallmark Gold Crown stores across America.  You can visit him at Blarrneystone.com.

A practicing Catholic, Greg lives in Tonawanda with his wife Beth, and is proud of his greatest role: proud daddy to Ashlee and Megan, his two growed-up daughters.

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