Productivity hacks for a better workday

21 March, 2016 / 0 Comments / Blogs

DeathtoStock_Creative Community7Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or you just can’t seem to focus, try one of these tried and true productivity hacks.

To block noise and to focus
Walk into most coffee shops and you’ll see at least a few people on their laptops working diligently. The ambiance of a coffee shop is relaxing, allowing for people to truly focus. If you’re not able to work from your local coffee joint every day, try Coffitivity. Coffitivity plays the chatter and sounds of a coffee shop and is available free on desktop and in the app store. It helps boost focus––and you may forget you’re at your desk.

For the easily distracted
On days when you feel like you have the attention span of the average toddler, try the Pomodoro Technique. This approach breaks productivity into timed intervals, typically 25 minutes with 5-minute breaks in between. The technique is based on the theory that with short mental breaks, you’ll actually be more productive. Challenge yourself not to get distracted for 25 minutes and do whatever you want with your 5-minute break. But once your 5 minutes is up, get back to work. The timer lets you know when to start your productive time and breaks. Give it a try.

For an overwhelming to do list
Have you ever looked at your to do list and wanted to hole up under your desk in the fetal position instead? When your to do list starts to look like more than you can handle, give 1-3-5 List a try. This unique to do list has you pick the single most important task you must complete, followed by three medium tasks and five quicker, smaller tasks. This makes your list more manageable, and it’s a great feeling checking off the boxes as you complete each task.

For an overflowing inbox
First, and perhaps the most daunting, clean out your inbox. Delete any emails you don’t need. Second, folders are your friends. Create folders that make sense for you. Katie, our traffic manager, organizes her inbox by client, making any email quickly and easily accessible. Keep up a routine filing system, delete the emails you don’t need and soon enough you won’t be overwhelmed. Plus, you’ll never miss an important email again.

What are some of your favorite productivity hacks? Share them in the comments.