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New Location. New Look. New Logo.

05.31.2016 / 0 Comments / Blogs / Posted by manzella

It’s been a big year for us at Manzella Marketing. We recently moved to a larger space that not only accommodates our growing team—it’s an environment fitting for creativity and collaboration. With the move came an updated brand that highlights Manzella Marketing’s growth and our passion to consistently come through for our clients, delivering creative […]

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Tips for Success in Social Media Advertising

03.28.2016 / 0 Comments / Blogs / Posted by manzella

With numerous targeting opportunities, broad reach, and a generally lower cost compared with traditional media, social media advertising is a tool advertisers can’t ignore. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your social media advertising. Define your goals. Are you looking for engagement, conversions, actions on a landing page, or something […]

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Productivity hacks for a better workday

03.21.2016 / 0 Comments / Blogs / Posted by manzella

Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or you just can’t seem to focus, try one of these tried and true productivity hacks. To block noise and to focus Walk into most coffee shops and you’ll see at least a few people on their laptops working diligently. The ambiance of a coffee shop is relaxing, allowing for […]

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AdWords 101: Key Features Part Deux

03.18.2016 / 0 Comments / Blogs / Posted by manzella

This blog is part two of our AdWords Features series. If you missed part one, you can find it here. In addition to negative keywords, keywords search reports and ad extensions, here are three more features you should know about for a successful AdWords campaign. 1. Ad Groups. What makes Google search so valuable? The […]

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MMG is moving on up (the street)

03.10.2016 / 0 Comments / Uncategorized / Posted by manzella

If you caught up with us on our most recent blog post, you know that our team is growing and with growth comes bigger opportunities (and less space). Since no one took my “bunk desks” proposal seriously, Manzella Marketing is moving to a completely renovated space at 5360 Genesee Street in Bowmansville. It’s going to […]

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